Top 8 Reasons to Trust Healthcare Technology Advisors

  1. Healthcare is Our Passion and Our Mission: We focus exclusively on the healthcare field. Our clients are only made up of independent physician practices and their business associates. We will never be distracted by other industries, and we waste no time trying to win the business of non-healthcare providers.
  2. We Maintain Annual HIPAA Certification: Our focus drives us to be the best at what we do. We know the challenges that face healthcare practices, including time management, billing, and HIPAA compliance. Every member of our staff takes HIPAA training to better serve your practice. We employ only best-practices IT, and we measure every aspect of your environment so that we can grade and improve it until it is best-in-class.
  3. Iron-Clad Integrity: We never shy from difficult conversations, and we never pass blame. We will own our mistakes and work to rectify them. When you speak to us, you know you are hearing the truth, even if it is not in our favor. We would rather see a practice well-served by another company than ill-served by us, and we will make sure you receive the service you deserve.
  4. Stability Builds Trust: High turnover in the technology industry means you’re often dealing with new techs, and you may end up stuck with the new hire who is still learning the ropes. At Healthcare Technology Advisors, you will know your tech and Virtual Chief Information Officer by name. We are a focused company, able to dedicate ourselves to our clients, so you’ll never be left wondering who is going to walk through the door next, and if they can be trusted to fix and support your practice.
  5. A Relationship You Can Rely On: At Healthcare Technology Advisors, our goal is to build a warm relationship between our team and yours. Rather than only calling us when something is broken, we want to know about the little things, such as workflow issues, or inconveniences we may be able to fix. We will always listen with empathy and treat you with kindness and respect. Because it is NOT a waste of our time to help you improve your results - it’s what we’re here for.
  6. We Only Offer Modern IT: Most technology services are stuck in the last decade. At Healthcare Technology Advisors, we know that the pace of technology is ever increasing, and what was amazing IT ten, or even five, years ago is unacceptable now. Modernizing your relationship with technology can vastly improve your workplace efficiency, employee satisfaction, and bottom line budget. Healthcare providers deserve the best technology support available, and we only provide the best.
  7. Our Team is Our Focus: We invest time internally to share knowledge and document processes so that busy practice managers never have to answer the same questions twice. Our documentation procedure means that our techs always have access to the right information to solve your problem. We equip our employees with the knowledge, the education, and the tools to excel.
  8. We are Passionate About Our Community: Our company and our employees are dedicated to serving our community. We work with our charity partner Lydia’s House several times a year to spread their message and mission. Our employees individually dedicate their time and energy to causes that they are passionate about, and we celebrate the contributions and victories of our community.