How to Make Cyber Security Painless and Brainless in Your Healthcare Practice

Even if you feel your IT systems are in a good place, or you have an internal IT worker who keeps everything running smoothly, as a healthcare provider in St. Louis IT Security is not something you can ignore. The rise in cyber crime is increasingly putting all small businesses at risk, and healthcare providers have extra responsibilities to protect data, and face extra liabilities if they fail.


Because of this, we offer a Managed Security Service, which can work in tandem with your current IT team or stand alone. This package is tailored to specifically what your company needs, be it Network Security Management, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, or Identity Monitoring for yourself and your employees. We can also deliver Cyber Security Training through webinars, on site training, or email to help raise the level of awareness and security literacy for everyone working in your offices.


We strongly believe that every practice can benefit from Managed Security Services, even if there is no room in the budget for a more robust IT solution. With this service we ensure that the most vital parts of your network are kept up to date with security patches, and if a virus or malware infects a device, we will work to repair the damage, all for a flat monthly fee. Extra services can be added on, depending on where your practice has a need. This is the most customizable service we offer, because we want to find what works best for you, no matter what.