Looking for Managed IT Service in St. Louis?

We all know that the emergency room is a horrible first step in healthcare delivery. By the time a patient, in distress, goes to an ER, all the preventative care that could have helped avert their medical disaster has been missed or neglected. The same is true for your computers. By the time you’re calling an IT company to come fix your computer, the damage has been done, and the recovery will be more complicated and expensive than basic prevention would have been.


Our Managed IT Service is the preventative care your network needs to avert serious disasters. Through pro-active support we make sure most technology crises never happen. This ensures continuity of service for your practice and peace of mind for your employees, who won’t have to struggle with ornery computers and malfunctioning networks.


One of the best features of Managed IT, as opposed to emergency room break/fix repairs, is the predictable price. We will consult with you to discover exactly what services you need, and then those services will be delivered for a flat rate monthly fee. You will never be surprised by a huge bill because one computer got a virus and needed a whole week of work to put things right. You won’t have to worry about a new employee calling the help desk every other day because they are having a little trouble navigating their new network. Even if disaster strikes, we will restore your systems with no hassle at no extra cost to you. This is what managed care should look like for health and IT.


But what does it include? As a baseline, all our managed service contracts include:

  • Remote System Maintenance and Support – We monitor your network 24/7 and routinely apply patches and updates, including Windows and Mac updates and third-party software updates. We ensure your system is running correctly and effectively, and can react immediately if something goes wrong.
  • Help Desk Support – Call our support line and be answered live by one of our incredible techs, who will assist you in your issue and take steps to resolve it immediately, while delivering our world class customer service.
  • Network Security – Ensuring patches and updates are applied and firewalls and anti-virus programs are working correctly is part of our basic service delivery. We will ensure all appropriate steps are taken to protect your network and your data from potential breaches caused by hackers or malicious software.
  • Back up and Disaster Recovery – All HIPAA covered entities must have back ups and data recovery solutions in place in case of natural disaster or man-made mistake. We can provide and facilitate whatever solution best fits your needs, while ensuring it meets all regulation requirements.

Depending on your business’s size and components, you may also be interested in such services as:

  • Mobile Device Management – We not only monitor and manage laptops, tablets, and mobile phones but also implement the appropriate Acceptable Use Policies needed to govern such devices.
  • Cloud Solutions – Whether it’s a cloud based email service, back up server, or complete cloud migration, we can consult with you to discover what solution is appropriate for your business and ensure that you are receiving the best value and service available.

Explore all of these option through the menu above for more information on what we provide.