In the current internet environment, identity theft is a constant threat. With large companies like Yahoo and Equifax revealing year-old data breaches, everything from your Social Security number to your email or work passwords may be available for criminals to purchase on the Dark Web. Aside from strong password etiquette and carefully policing your own actions, there is little you can do to prevent your data being stolen from other companies that hold it.


However, you can remain vigilant about whether or not your data is vulnerable. We offer a service that scans the Dark Web—where criminals and hackers sell and purchase stolen data—and can alert you immediately if a record shows up attached to your information or web domain. This is a great way to make sure your personal information is safe as well as to protect your business network. If you see that a password has been stolen and is for sale, you can quickly alert the employee to change their password and then reach out to see if the breach could have been prevented.

You can request a free Dark Web scan for your business domain here.


In addition to the Dark Web Monitoring, we also offer an Identity Protection service through Spotlight ID. It monitors for fraudulent credit activity, loans made in your name, or unauthorized address changes. This is not only a great protection for yourself, but a useful benefit to offer your employees, increasing the overall security of your business. You can easily sign up for this protection through our affiliate link.