A Live Response from Our Help Desk Support Is the Best Healthcare IT Option for Your IT Support Calls in St. Louis!

Included in our Managed Service Plan is our Help Desk. If you call our support line it will be answered, live, by one of our technicians—the same people who come to your site to install hardware or troubleshoot issues. They aren’t an ocean away quickly reading up on your business and set-up. They know your network intimately and will be able to help you if you are having trouble accessing a system or need immediate assistance with a vital piece of software.


Not only do we support your technology, we will also liaison for you to third party equipment or software vendors, such as imaging machines, EMR software, Multifunction Devices, image viewing machines, even time clocks. If something is wrong, we won’t tell you to call the manufacturer to fix it—we make that call so you don’t have to. We strive to Quarterback all technology communications so that your doctors, nurses, and staff can spend their time doing their jobs instead of waiting on hold to talk to any number of support desks (who likely don’t provide the same great level of customer service we do.)

We’ll never say, “Not our tech, not our problem.”

If it’s YOUR tech, it is OUR problem—so we’ll make it work.