How St. Louis Practice Managers Are Tackling Cyber Security in Healthcare

It is painfully true that the most pressing security risk present in any network is the one sitting behind the desk. We can arm ourselves to the teeth against viruses and ransomware, but that won’t stop an employee who unknowingly clicks a link to a malicious website, good-naturedly answers a phishing email with sensitive information, or merrily uses the same eight character password for all their work and social media accounts. Most data breaches are possible due to negligence, and that is what lets the bad actor take advantage of weak spots in your security.


While it might be nice to have someone standing over the shoulder of every employee, watching their email, critiquing their passwords, and warning them of where not to place a USB drive, that would be both cost-prohibitive and probably create a horrible work environment. The obvious solution is that every employee needs to be their own security chief, capable of policing their actions and taking proper precautions against threats. While most of this may seem like common sense, so is safe driving, and we all see how many accidents happen on roadways among drivers who should know better.


The best step to prevention is education. We offer several ways to educate your workforce about Cyber Security. Whether through email tips, webinars, live seminars, or a series of in person trainings, we can offer a comprehensive education on best practices that every employee and employer can benefit from.