Cloud computing is a technology solution made possible through high speed internet, where software and data are stored in massive server banks in remote locations, and streamed via the internet to your desktop. It makes mobile computing easier, as no information is tied to one particular device. It can also reduce the cost of software, as a company may be able to easily share a small number of licenses rather than having to buy a new copy for each device. It is also extremely useful as a backup solution, often in tandem with local back ups.


But, cloud computing is not for everyone. It can be costly, and depending on the size and shape of your practice, it may not be practical or represent the best value. Rather than try to sell you on something you may not need, we offer cloud consulting to all our clients. We will discuss in detail the options before you, and see whether or not cloud solutions are practical or valuable for your practice. If you decide to use a cloud solution, we will facilitate every part of that migration and support your network through it.