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HIPAA Fine Spotlight: $1,040,000

A non-profit health system based in Rhode Island has agreed to pay a staggering 1.04 million dollar settlement to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Lifespan Health System Affiliated Covered Entity (Lifespan ACE) filed a breach report in April of ...

Tech Tip: If Your Data Is Ransomed, Can YOU Pay The Fee?

Cyber liability insurance is an answer to the evolving threat and risk landscape of digital technology. It covers financial ...

A Message from the CEO

Summer is transitioning into fall, and with it many medical practices are transitioning into a new routine. We are used to ...

Client Spotlight: Cape Girardeau Surgical Clinic, INC.

Cape Girardeau Surgical Clinic Cape Girardeau Surgical Clinic is a full service surgery practice located in Doctor’s Park, Cape Girardeau. ...

Tech Tip: Leaves Fall, But Your Internet Shouldn’t!

How much would it cost you if your internet unexpectedly cut out one day? Would you have to turn away your

Client Spotlight: Abbott and Associates

Abbott and Associates is our SPOTLIGHT client of the month! For the last 24 years, Abbott and Associates has ...

50 Hours to $5,000: A Race For Lydia’s House

A message from Derrick Weisbrod, CEO and Co-Founder Many of my messages so far this year have focused on project planning, goal setting, and being flexible enough to recognize the need to pivot in order to meet goals that were ...

TECH TIP: Ransoms, Phishing, Breaches, Oh My!

Do you ever feel like Cyber Security is in a whole new world these days? You used to be able to ...

Seeing Disinfection in a New Light

Hospitals, surgery centers, emergency departments, and healthcare providers as a whole have always been concerned with the spread of harmful bacteria. Hospital acquired infections represent a huge cost to healthcare facilities as well as a health risk to their patients. ...

Client Spotlight: Revival Spine Surgery

Dr. Lukasz Curylo of Revival Spine Surgery, LLC is fellowship trained


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