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Best Practice of the Month: Backups and Disaster Recovery

As we leave (most of) the ice and snow behind us and enter the season of thunderstorms and ...

SIL Practice Management Summit

  Healthcare Technology Advisors is at the SIL Practice Management Summit now through Friday the 15th, educating our peers on Dark Web ...

Best Practice of the Month - Updates

February Best Practice: Updates and Patches One of the first building blocks of any security plan is to implement regular, managed updates on all computers in a network. These updates can be both scheduled Operating System (OS) updates or security ...

Best Practice of the Month - Passwords

January Best Practice - PASSWORDS One of the first steps in cleaning up your Cyber Health is looking at your password management. We all know passwords are a weak point in many organizations. An obvious password can be hacked, a ...

Scammers Are Using Direct Deposit Requests To Steal Money 

Last year, the FBI issued a warning regarding BEC (Business Email Compromise) scams.  Unfortunately, security professionals report that those types of scams are increasing in frequency, and worse, the most recent ones ...

Privacy Advocates Win With Biometric Mobile Device Ruling 

A recent court ruling handed privacy advocates a big, and much needed win.  Prior to the ruling, law enforcement officials were in the habit of compelling "persons of interest" to unlock their ...

New Windows 10 Updates Will Use 7 GB Of Space

Microsoft has angered a portion of their user base with a change that's coming in the next build of Windows 10.  As of the next build, the OS will reserve a whopping ...

New Love Letter Email Could Load Malware On Your PC 

Here's some disturbing news:  Hackers around the world are actively trying to exploit Valentine's Day. This is according to new research from the Emerging Treats team at the security firm ProofPoint.  The ...

Malware Drains Your Computer’s Resources Without Your Knowledge

Cryptominers are among the most common type of malware in the wild today, based on the latest research by digital security company Check Point.  While there are dozens of variants deployed by ...

New Firefox Release Disables Adobe Flash Support

Are you a Firefox user?  If so, be advised that in Mozilla's next release, Firefox 69, the company will be disabling support for the beleaguered Adobe Flash plugin. The change has been ...


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