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Is Your Practice Willing To Pay $10,000 Or More In HIPAA Fines?

What Have HIPAA Right Of Access Fines Cost Medical Providers? The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has settled 14 cases as of January 2021 under its Right of Access Initiative. This initiative focused on ensuring patients have timely access to ...

What Are Managed Services, And Why You Should Demand This From Your IT Company

We all want to protect our businesses. They’re a part of who we are, and it would be devastating if anything bad happened — including an unexpected cyberattack. But it happens. Businesses ...

Learn Why Growing Businesses Are Turning To Co-Managed IT

Co-Managed IT (COMIT) is a new way of delivering IT support to growing businesses. It works by crafting a customized set of ongoing IT services, support, and tools that seamlessly blend with your existing IT department. This allows your IT ...

Tired Of Ineffective Documentation Costing Your Practice Money?

These are the top 3 ways MyGlue can save you time and money. MyGlue is an easy-to-use password manager and documentation solution. But what ...

Why Is VOIP The Choice Of Many Small Healthcare Providers?

The internet is everywhere, and it’s getting faster and more reliable every day. Technologies that were once suspected of not being ‘reliable’ have matured into being the standard. Telephone lines, once the lifeline of the nation’s communication, are now being ...

What Is The Best Way To Access HIPAA Compliant Email?

What is the best way for an office to access HIPAA Compliant email services? Most doctors, practice managers, and business owners want to have easy, compliant solutions for their basic business needs. This includes email, file storage, and file sharing. ...

Tech Tip: Top 3 Ways To Protect Against Ransomware

St. Louis healthcare professionals are actively working to reduce their risk. Phishing attacks and ransomware continue to ...

How Do St. Louis Practice Managers Prefer To Network?

In the Show-Me State, there is only one way to truly make an impression – in person. ...

What Can We Learn From 2020?

Let's take a look back on what happened. I’m not sure anyone wants ...

Tech Tip: The Best Gift For Your Business

Fiber Internet is the Best Gift for St. Louis! What do you want to see in your stocking? 2020 has been a year of unexpected turns and unpleasant surprises. Doesn’t your business deserve something stable? Fiber-optic internet comes with a ...


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