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Tech Tip: How To Reduce The Cost Of Ransom Attacks

The recent national and international news of the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack has prompted many businesses to look critically at their cyber security infrastructure. While Colonial Pipeline spent millions on their IT network many businesses simply don’t have those resources. ...

Staying Independent as a Medical Practice

There are many towns across the country without a single independent medical clinic. As our healthcare system becomes more complex, many providers ...

A Tranquil Retreat, And A Long-Missed Community

On May 5th, 6th, and 7th, the Missouri chapter of the Medical Group Management Association met in Branson, MO, for the 2021 conference.

Don’t Let Summer Storms Sink Your Internet!

I drove to work today in pouring rain. Last night, lightning woke me up several times. And ...

Are You Ready For Your HIPAA Risk Assessment?

Getting ready for a HIPAA Risk Assessment shouldn’t be something you cram for. It should be part of your working routine every day. If you’re not the security officer for you practice, how do you even know if you’re ready? ...

What’s the #1 cause of support tickets being submitted to IT teams?

Is it a cranky printer or a forgotten password? Yes, and also, no. Many of these daily inconveniences are actually caused by underlying issues. It’s not that your printer is breaking every day. It’s that the way your computer connects ...

Is This Getting Redundant?

There was a time when green numbers spilling down a black screen, technobabble, the sound of beeping machines, and blinking ...

Tech Tip: P4$$WORD

Here’s a quick test: If you were to open the file explorer on your computer and search “Password” would you be ...

Most Offices Can’t Stand Up To This One Simple Technique – Can Yours?

Is your office physically secure? Are the doors locked at night? Is the server room locked, and is there protection around controlled ...

National Bike Month

Healthcare Technology Advisors is made up of a team who LOVE the outdoors. Whether it’s gardening, hiking, or exploring Missouri’s riverways, ...


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