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FREE Cyber Security Webinar April 22

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Cyber Security Update 2022   March 25 12pm-1pm This first webinar in our series! Attend virtually with Zoom     MARCH 25 TOPICS: In this webinar Derrick Weisbrod from Healthcare Technology Advisors and Josh Barker from Techrug will be providing an ...


New Year, New You? Maybe, maybe not. New passwords? Definitely! Passwords have a lifespan. Sure, maybe you’re still using ...


Who? Texas-based Premier Patient Healthcare. What? Unauthorized access of 37,636 records containing protected information. How? A former executive accessed the information ...

Tech Tip: Guarding the Gates of HIPAA Compliance 

What is your first step when a HIPAA Audit comes? HIPAA audits ask such a broad range of questions and require so many ...

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Remember the tidal wave of COVID-19 themed phishing scams that swamped businesses in early 2020? That eventually petered out ...

Right Of Access Strikes With Another Fine

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has been following its HIPAA Right of Access Initiative all year. The initiative was intended to support individual’s rights to timely access to their health records, at reasonable cost, under the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  ...

How Do You Expand Your IT Team Without The Overhead?

When your IT lead comes to you and expresses the need for more resources, how do you respond? Authorize overtime? Hire a new employee? Tell them good luck and hang in there? ...

September Is National Preparedness Month

2020 was a banner year for cybercrime, and that trend isn’t slowing down in 2021. In a recent survey, more than ...

Tech Tip: Windows 11 Updates

Microsoft has announced their upcoming operating system (OS), Windows 11, will be released next year. Much like the upgrade ...


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