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Case Study: Are You Paying Too Much On Your Phone Bill?

When was the last time you reviewed your communication bill? Did you know there could be HUNDREDS of dollars being misspent on unneeded lines, or wholly unused applications that were never canceled?

Can You GROW Your Business Through Downturns, Recessions, OR Crisis?

Do you feel as though you are constantly playing catch-up, dealing with the next crisis in line rather than thinking long term? Every season of the year, there are new challenges for a small business. Extreme flooding, a volatile market, ...

Adaptation in the Face of Uncertainty

Pivoting is an important part of being in business and succeeding through a global pandemic such as we are experiencing with COVID-19. It has been a remarkable experience to watch the healthcare vertical make such a rapid transition during this ...

5 Things to Put In Place for Remote Work

With the rapidly evolving situation around the COVID19 virus, many workplaces are initiating work-from-home policies that have never tried to accommodate this workflow before. Whether your office is doing this to safeguard employees through social distancing, or as an option ...

Tech Tip: Are Your Back Ups Up To 2020 Standards?

Is Your Practice READY To Restore Operations From Your Current Back ups? Spring floods, tornadoes, lightning – the Midwest knows the drill. With our rolling thunderstorms and wondrous rivers spring and fall always bring new challenges. We know it’s coming. ...

Is Your Workforce Trained On Phishing Scams?

Hackers are targeting COVID19, are your employees ready? As employees work from home and we experience greater disruptions, be extra vigilant for phishing scams. Hackers KNOW that the workforce is confused and constantly adapting to new procedures. They WILL take ...

Are Your Video Calls Protected From Hijackers?

FBI Warns Of Increased Threat From Zoom Hijackers The Federal Bureau of Investigation released an article earlier this month on the increased risk of video-teleconferencing hijacking known as Zoom Bombing. Zoom-Bombing is a platform specific threat, where bad actors can ...

Are You Accidentally Giving PHI To Fraudsters?

On April 3rd, the OCR published an alert stating they’d received reports that an individual was fraudulently posing as an OCR Investigator. ...

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On HIPAA Fines?

Do you know if your referral partners are putting YOUR patient's data at risk? Every medical practice knows the risks of not having a BAA in place with vendors. Not only is it bad for your patients, should a vendor ...

HIPAA Requirements and the Coronavirus

HIPAA Requirements and the Coronavirus By Kyle J. Haubrich of Sandberg Phoenix Law Firm It is important for medical practices, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare professionals to know and understand that just because the Coronavirus has caused a national emergency ...


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