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Client Spotlight - Regional Dermatology

Healthcare Technology Advisors would like to take the time to acknowledge our star client this month, Regional Dermatology. We’ve been supporting them for four years now, and it’s been a pleasure. Regional Dermatology is a private practice that has been ...

A Night of Hope and Healing

Healthcare Technology Advisors is pleased to invite our readership to the Lydia’s House Gala on February 29th, 2020. This annual event, ...

Upcoming Events: January 2020

Welcome to the New Year, the New Decade! On Wednesday the 8th, the Greater St. Louis MGMA will host a webinar on Personal Mobile Device Security and Risk. The webinar takes place at 12 noon, and you can sign up ...

Best Practice of the Month: Technology Reviews

A standard part of any management plan is to review, evaluate, and plan the future. This happens with employees, financial budgets, vendors, and ...

HIPAA FINE REPORT: $2.15 Million

Lost boxes of paper records, protected health information (PHI) leaked on social media, and an employee caught selling patient’s PHI are just the beginning of the issues found with Jackson Health System (JHS), a nonprofit academic medical system based in ...

HTA’s Gift Guide for a Tidied Age

Did you have a spree of “Tidying Up” in 2019? Are you turning to minimalism, sustainability, locally or ethically sourced goods in your general life? Whether the motivation is minimizing our affect on the climate, supporting our local economy, or ...

Spotlight: Windows 7 End of Life Approaches

On January 14th, 2020, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 will leave extended support. This will result in several things. Any machine running these operating systems will no longer receive vital security ...

Upcoming Events: December 2019

It's the season for holiday parties! On Wednesday the 11th, join the Greater St. Louis MGMA at Helen Fitzgerald's for their monthly ...

Best Practice of the Month: Log Management

Log management is the practice of recording and reviewing the logs of servers, workstations, firewalls, and other network equipment. This is a ...

HIPAA Fine Spotlight: $10,000

Does your practice have reviews posted on Yelp, Google, or Facebook? Most do these days. Those reviews are vital for attracting new customers, as many people check online reviews before committing to a new product, restaurant, or service. Of course, ...


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