Business Overview

Healthcare Technology Advisors are a team of experienced IT, Compliance, and Customer Service experts exclusively focused on serving the St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, and surrounding markets. We excel at our customer service delivery for computers, servers, networks, and HIPAA compliance by being experts of this subject matter and being available to our clients when they call or submit tickets.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be trusted advisors guiding healthcare businesses through the complex IT and HIPAA landscape while providing a comprehensive service that always maintains a human touch.

Origin Story

Derrick Weisbrod and Hugh Anderson started HTA in 2015 with the goal of catering exclusively to the healthcare industry so that they could focus their energy on being experts at healthcare IT and not be side tracked by other industries.

Derrick began working in the Healthcare IT field in 2001, and was involved in system administration, the build out of infrastructure for a 1200 person company across 9 locations, and supervised the largest EMR install for a non-profit in the state of Missouri. He shifted to focusing on small businesses, where he could more rapidly affect change and help increase productivity through excellent IT services. Hugh has extensive experience in compliance and client services from his work in the financial services industry, as well as IT consulting for small and medium businesses including healthcare.

When starting HTA, they chose to focus on the healthcare industry because they felt they could have the most impact there, contributing value to small and midsize businesses while strengthening our community through improved healthcare delivery and outcomes. Part of their mission is to deliver “Corporate IT” to small businesses without them having to pay the corporate price.

What Makes Us Unique

We believe we are not in the ‘tech’ business. We are in the Customer Service business, and what we provide our customers is great IT support, delivered and supported by the best customer service you will find in the industry. We know you don’t call the IT guy when you’re happy, so our mission is to not only resolve your technical problem but also listen, understand, and empathize with you. Sometimes you just need a caring ear throughout the day, and we will be that for you. We want you to hang up with a smile, not just a sigh of relief.

Delivery of services to clients in a professional and timely matter is obviously quite important to us. Our clients tell us that our customer service delivery is a huge distinction between our services and those they have received from other providers in the past. Additionally, we wanted to have a business that held up its end of being a partner to the Healthcare Industry. To that goal, we are easily distinguished from our competition because we have Privacy and Security Policies in place and updated annually as required by HIPAA and the HIPAA Omnibus Rules. Working with us won’t mean more hoops to jump through—we have everything lined up already to deliver you the best IT support you could ask for.


Top 5 Reason Clients Hire HTA

“HTA is very quick to respond and quick to act on tickets or requests.”

Now that we work with Healthcare Technology Advisors (HTA), we have the comfort of knowing that our network is secured and monitored by people who know what they are doing and can fix something if it breaks. HTA is very quick to respond and quick to act on tickets or requests. They will also work with any other vendors/partners to get the job done correctly. HTA is a smaller company which allows them to be more personable and available. You are not forgotten about when you submit any requests like with other big firms.

Greg Thompson,
Practice Manager,
Clayton Medical Associates

“By far, HTA is the single biggest asset to me and my office staff.”

Not being very computer savvy, I really enjoy that they avoid tech lingo and talk my language. By far, HTA is the single biggest asset to me and my office staff. When considering a technology partner, you will not be disappointed with HTA. They treat my business as if it was their own and are exemplary in their ethics, reliability, and integrity.

Dr. Sarah Jensen,
Regional Dermatology

“The HTA team takes a personal vested interest in my work and cares about my success almost as much as I do!”

HTA is constantly looking out for the best interest of myself and my patients. HTA’s customer service delivery is highlighted by the personal attention and the ability to get in contact with someone VERY quickly to resolve any issues or questions that arise. The HTA team takes a personal vested interest in my work and cares about my success almost as much as I do!

Dr. Mary Noel George,
VANity the Van, LLC

“I was blown away with the reliability in which the phone is always answered”

Having moved to Healthcare Technology Advisors (HTA) for our IT Support, I was blown away with the reliability in which the phone is always answered and the emails are replied to within an hour. They use patience when explaining IT issues rather than condescendence. HTA addresses my IT issues immediately and goes above and beyond to follow up at my convenience, even if it happens to be at 9pm. The HTA team is always available, follows through until a satisfactory resolution is reached, and works around my business hours to minimize down time.

Angela Weiss,
Regional Credit Services

“Moving to HTA will mean working with highly skilled, professional people”

One of the biggest benefits of working with Healthcare Technology Advisors (HTA) has been a systematic approach to all aspects of IT. For example, it is beneficial to have a written accounting of all equipment with identification numbers to identify when the equipment went into service and to identify the equipment for quick repair and problem solving.

Responses to all calls for IT support are handled with a respectful, problem solving, “we are on the same team” approach to attend to the issue in a timely manner. There is no sense of condescending that is experienced with most IT service.

I would say that changing IT service providers is a difficult decision because of the uncertainty, but the outcome of moving to HTA will mean working with highly skilled, professional people.

Sarah Holt, PhD, ACMPE,
Practice Executive,
Cape Girardeau Surgical Clinic