New Year, New You? Maybe, maybe not. New passwords? Definitely!

Passwords have a lifespan. Sure, maybe you’re still using the same password from your 2002 email log-in, but you really should NOT be using a password that is years old for any account that can access sensitive data. That goes for your work as well as your personal info! Banking data, healthcare data, and especially Protected Health Information all need to be safeguarded with passwords that are hard for hackers to guess and hard for computers to crack.

The easiest way to achieve this is to use a password manager that can generate secure passwords and store them for you. IT Glue is a prominent example of a password manager that is successfully used by many businesses. However, even WITH a secure password it’s important to change it periodically. Accounts can become vulnerable through many means, such as a third-party leak or a malware attack. Changing passwords on a regular basis can safeguard you against the possibility that your password was compromised.