How many new online accounts have you created over the past year?

With new work-from-home applications, video calling software, and phone apps, there has been a deluge of new accounts created. That brings a great reuse of passwords.

We are all guilty of using the same password for multiple applications. It is difficult to remember a dozen different passwords, or worse yet, minute variations of passwords. Yet this behavior poses a serious risk.

If you created a new Zoom account this past year, for instance, and you used the same password as your work email, what happens if Zoom’s database gets hacked?

A cyber criminal could then use your compromised credentials to log on to your work email and steal information, distribute malicious software, or send phishing emails to your work colleagues.

How do we navigate the great password menagerie? Consider implementing a password manager. There are many free or paid applications that can help with this for personal use. For a healthcare practice, consider a program like MyGlue that can securely store all the passwords needed in your organization. These applications have the added benefit of automatically creating new, hard-to-guess passwords for you, so you don’t have to come up with a new 12-digit string of nonsense every time you need to use a new program.