There are many towns across the country without a single independent medical clinic. As our healthcare system becomes more complex, many providers choose to work with large networks of clinics or with their local hospital to take the burden of administration off their shoulders. However, we’ve talked to many providers who vehemently believe in staying independent, even if they are the last such practice in town. 

One key aspect of remaining independent is the ability to choose your location. While large hospitals in Missouri are centered in St. Louis and several population hubs, there are many thriving towns that support multiple independent medical practices. The independent doctors and practice managers we spoke to said that choosing a location close to their home or in a specific community they wanted to support was important to their choices of working independently. 

The biggest factor in remaining independent for the majority of our clients is their focus on patient care. Many stated that the bureaucracy and red tape of working in a hospital system, where they had no control over who was hired, fired, or worked with whom, was a drain on their mental energy and affected the care they were able to deliver. As an independent physician, they are able to put that energy into their patients, and craft a clinic that delivers exactly the type of care they want to be associated with.