Get Fiber Internet in St. LouisI drove to work today in pouring rain. Last night, lightning woke me up several times. And I wondered if the power was going to blink and reset all the clocks in my house. That’s usually the worst effect I see of thunderstorms – having to reset digital clocks on the stove, microwave, and coffee machine. (I don’t even use all of those clocks!)

The much more disruptive effect of storms that I never think about is that my cell phone or internet might go out. We are so used to having our cell phones and our home and business internet that we almost forget they exist – until they go down! Having the internet fail at your business, however, is more than an inconvenience. It can cost you thousands of dollars. Missed appointments, employees unable to do their work, lost data, and the general headache of it all add up.

How much do you think an internet outage costs your business per hour?

You can’t control the weather. You can control your internet service, however. If you’re still using copper coax cable internet for your business, there is significant room for improvement. Did you know fiber-optic internet comes with a guarantee of 99.99% connectivity?

And if you ever fall below 99.99% uptime, the internet company will PAY YOU for the time you were down?

Next time I’m sitting at home cursing Charter for the internet being down for hours on end, I’ll be dreaming of the day I can get fiber to my neighborhood!

Visit to see if your business (or home) can upgrade to 99.99% faster, more stable, and easier internet.