Getting ready for a HIPAA Risk Assessment shouldn’t be something you cram for. It should be part of your working routine every day.

If you’re not the security officer for you practice, how do you even know if you’re ready?

Study for HIPAA

HIPAA can be a deep, dark rabbit hole to dive down. How do you know if your practice is compliant, without having to study stacks of technical papers? Healthcare Technology Advisors has spent a lot of time explaining HIPAA compliance in layman’s terms. The bulk of HIPAA compliance is found in your everyday work routine.

A HIPAA readiness quiz is a great way to check your knowledge and see if there are any obvious gaps in your practice. Healthcare Technology Advisors offers a new quiz on our website that uses non-technical language and steps you through the different areas of compliance to see where you stand.

Visit to take the quiz and find out if your practice is HIPAA-Ready!