Is it a cranky printer or a forgotten password? Yes, and also, no. Many of these daily inconveniences are actually caused by underlying issues. It’s not that your printer is breaking every day. It’s that the way your computer connects to that printer is outdated or needlessly complicated.

Old computers and inappropriate equipment cause most IT frustrations.IT Support St. Louis

Often, computers run slow because they are old or lack the needed memory to run large programs like an EMR. You can have trouble connecting to a printer because your office doesn’t have a server in place managing the network. If you have no way to manage the rollout of important software updates, you might find your applications not working, or worse, trying to manually update everything causes catastrophe.

The problem is, nothing in the office is actually broken. It’s just not efficient. Your IT team can’t fix the underlying issue without making structural changes to your environment. That might be a big expense, like buying a new server or replacing all the outdated workstations. Or, it may be a small project, like scheduling downtime to roll out complicated updates to make sure workflow isn’t interrupted. No matter how large or small the project is, these sorts of fixes require the cooperation of management. Your IT team probably can’t make large purchasing decisions on their own, so they need to be able to have constructive meetings with you, whether they are in-house or outsourced.

Quarterly meetings with your IT team lets you tackle these structural issues.

A good IT team, led by a Chief Information Officer, is always working towards greater efficiency and ease of use. Through quarterly meetings your CIO or VCIO can discuss the major pain points your staff is experiencing and plan out ways to improve your network. That includes tracking end of life for your machines, budgeting for their replacements, updating the number of users and licenses your office needs for line of business applications, and discussing how the IT infrastructure can better serve the business as a whole.

Business owners who participate in quarterly business/technology reviews experience fewer surprise bills and greater workplace efficiency.

The result of being engaged in these meetings and actively aligning your technology to your business goals is that your office will run smoother. There won’t be daily disruptions as the printer has to be re-connected to the front desk computer. Your staff won’t be constantly putting in tickets to have their passwords reset. You won’t have the liability of having multiple workers using the same log in because you don’t own enough licenses. And you won’t get a surprise bill as an old machine finally crashes and has to be replaced in a rush.

VCIO meetings yield a better, happier workplace. That’s worth making time for.

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