Here’s a quick test: If you were to open the file explorer on your computer and search “Password” would you be able to find a note, word document, or even excel sheet with various recorded credentials?

If you look around your office right now, can you see sticky notes or notepads on your colleague’s desk with the password for a workstation, printer, or Wi-Fi?

Whether at work or at home, we’ve all used these shortcuts at one time. Yet, as cyber crime has evolved in sophistication, it has become increasingly dangerous to be lax with even our personal passwords. Rather than developing bad habits, we should all use best practices at all times.

That means NO duplicate passwords. Use a password manager (there are many free options) for your personal passwords. This will generate secure passwords for you without you having to remember them. Your office should have its own password manager, like MyGlue, that holds all the credentials for your workplace so you never have to jot down a sticky note again.

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