Is your office physically secure? Are the doors locked at night? Is the server room locked, and is there protection around controlled substances such as medications?

I’m sure your answer is yes. It would be silly, and an obvious HIPAA violations AND financial risk, if you said no. And yet…

Case studies show that independent medical practices are vulnerable to physical break-ins. In fact, many of them fail in the first 5 minutes as their outer doors are breached with nothing more than a laminated card.

It sounds unbelievable, but we’ve seen it happen again and again.

Once inside, doors can be opened, passwords exploited, PHI stolen, and locks jimmied with ease. The same card hack works just as well inside as out! When is the last time you tested your alarm, if you even have one? When is the last time you checked the actual security of your physical doors?

All of these issues can be discovered and resolved by conducting a physical security audit on your business – something that should be happening as part of your Security Risk Assessment.

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