Healthcare Technology Advisors is made up of a team who LOVE the outdoors. Whether it’s gardening, hiking, or exploring Missouri’s riverways, we strive to embrace, protect, and promote the natural resources and beauty around us. May is National Bike Month, and to celebrate, many people will be taking their bikes out on the trails and roads around the St. Louis area.

A great option for exploring by bike is the Great Rivers Greenway. This interconnected series of trails spans over 128 miles throughout the St. Louis region, with more being planned and constructed as we speak. This project has built new trails as well as connecting existing ones. If you’re not keen on biking alongside cars, you don’t have to go far to find a bike trail in St. Louis.

Forest Park provides a great central location for St. Louis residents, with miles of paved bike trails that take you through the diverse landscape of the park as well as the outside perimeter, which can offer a great low grade hill to build strength on. Conversely, it’s a great opportunity to coast all the way down!

The Mississippi Greenway is a stunning 15 mile stretch along the riverfront that can take you from the Arch grounds all the way to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. The Gravois Greenway (Grant’s Trail) is a 12 mile stretch that takes you past Grant’s Farm, and is a well-populated and relaxing bike ride.

Of course, if you cross the Missouri you find yourself in Katy Trail territory. There are many greenways that connect with the KT trail, but the trail itself is a pleasure to ride on no matter where you enter or exit.

Bike shops around the country experienced increased demand during the pandemic as Americans turned to cycling as an escape into the outdoors. It was also a way to exercise in a time when many gyms were closed. Combine the spike in demand with import tariffs, shipping delays, and manufacturing delays, and suddenly cycling enthusiasts are finding it hard to secure parts to repair their bicycles, let alone upgrade to a new one. While it may be hard to source a new bike, there are dozens of local bike shops in the St. Louis area that can help you find the perfect ride, from St. Louis Bicycle Works who specialize in used and restored bikes, to Mike’s Bikes and Sunset Cyclery.

Did you get a new bike or dust off an old one during the pandemic? Do you plan to keep up the habit even when pandemic restrictions are lifted? National Bike Month is a great time to get on the road with your bike again and make cycling a part of your routine, whether it’s for pleasure, exercise, or commuting. In fact, National Bike To Work Day is Friday, May 21st! So, challenge yourself to do all or part of your commute by bike, and see if there’s something new to discover.