healthcare business foundation

Growing a healthcare business requires good foundations.

Growing a small business is a challenge.

This is true no matter the form or function of your business. In healthcare, running an independent practice means tackling all the overhead plus stringent regulations. Once you’re stable and running smoothly, you may want to continue it as a lifestyle business. There is nothing wrong with that! But if you’re interested in growing a thriving business to one day pass on or sell, then you must have an eye to the future.

How do you create a healthcare practice that can scale? While bringing on another provider may be simple enough, it means bringing on all the support staff that the provider needs and scaling the service team that will handle the new patient influx. New staff means new costs and new overhead, and if you’re not prepared for what the budget will look like it may make any expansion more of a nightmare than an improvement.

There are great ways to prepare for growth, though. Having a relationship with your IT Managed Services provider can make expanding your team more predictable.

Managed services provide a baseline for growth through predictable costs. Having one monthly IT bill rather than paying based on sporadic usage, or paying more for a crisis fix, means you can plan out that budget for expansion. Your IT provider can meet with you to discuss exactly what the costs will be to onboard new employees, install new hardware, or expand to another office. And instead of having to hire new staff members to handle the increase of IT work, your managed IT will expand easily with you, growing as you grow, always able to meet your needs while not including huge jumps in overhead.

Growth comes with change as well. The vendor or software that you employ for 10 team members may simply not work for 20. Healthcare Technology Advisors is vendor-agnostic, as we call it. That means we don’t hold you hostage to our preferred solutions or hardware. You can change EMRs, printers, computers, or phone systems, and we will work with you. Of course, we provide our best recommendations, but your managed services provider should be enabling you to grow the way you want, not forcing you to conform to a preconceived model.

One of the best ways managed services enables growth is by streamlining your existing team. Your practice manager needs to be focused on running the practice, not troubleshooting the printer. Your nurses should be giving their time and energy to their patients, not struggling to log in to troublesome computers. By taking the minutia of tech work and technological HIPAA compliance off their plates, they can grow the practice by focusing on business and care goals.

Growing a practice is a long and careful job. Managed services provide a fertile bed to grow from, one that scales with you and enables your success.

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