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Greater St. Louis MGMA offers many CEC's for members and guests.

Your employees are the greatest asset your business has, and they are also the most expensive.

Hiring and training employees represents a huge overhead cost for any business. In healthcare, finding qualified and experienced employees in specialized fields like nursing or medical practice management is highly competitive. Once you have a great employee who fits with your business needs and culture, keeping them engaged, challenged, and fulfilled is a new challenge.

How do you keep your employees engaged in their careers?

The great advantage is that when you put time, training, and social investment into people, they reward you with dedication and loyalty. A staff who is learning and growing is also more competent, able to improve operations at your practice while excelling at their jobs. This all works together to lower turnover and improve the culture of your workplace.

Joining professional organizations can expand your staff’s peer group, help them make new friends and connections while providing them with easy access to continuing education credits through seminars, lunch and learn programs, and events.

There are many options for healthcare professionals, including the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and the Healthcare Financial Management Associates (HFMA), two organizations that Healthcare Technology Advisors has worked with in the past to provide educational content, assist with membership, and present at conferences.

Membership in such associations can greatly improve your employee’s experience in their role, and your practice will realize benefits as they flourish.