If your medical practice uses Apple products, you may have had a very hard time finding IT support in the St. Louis area. Many IT Services companies chose to not support Mac OS because it doesn’t work well with their established Windows support tools. That makes finding support outside of the Apple Store a hassle. Did you know Healthcare Technology Advisors offers full managed support to Apple products?

IT Support for Apple

Our Apple support service includes:

  • Installation and setup of OSX
  • Managed technical support for all Apple devices
  • iCloud set up to back up your devices and sync them across your office
  • Application installation for your Line of Business tools, printers, and other networked devices
  • Security and antivirus management
  • HIPAA compliant monitoring and reporting on your Apple network

Managed support for your Apple products is essential in a healthcare environment. Through pro-active support, HTA can make sure most technology crises never happen. An old printer dying, a network malfunctioning, or a trusted but overtaxed Mac running too slow to be useful are all predictable problems that are averted through managed IT support for Apple products.

Any medical practice will need a solid, fast network of computers to handle the applications you need. While no computer network is cheap, Apple products are known for both their reliability and their price. When you’ve made such a serious commitment to investing in quality products, any variability in ongoing costs is going to chafe.

Who wants to invest thousands of dollars into a new machine, only to have to replace another one the very next month?

One of the best features of managed IT support for Apple products is the predictable price. Healthcare Technology Advisors consults with you to discover exactly what services your Mac office needs and then delivers those services on a monthly basis at no extra cost. You won’t have to pay extra to troubleshoot a printer or install a new update. You won’t be charged if a new employee has trouble remembering their passwords and calls into the help desk every day. You’ll know when large expenses, like replacing or installing new machines, are coming down the pipeline and you can plan for those bills.

Healthcare Technology Advisors offers fully managed Apple/Mac support to healthcare offices in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. Call 314-312-4701 today to find out how to get reliable Apple support for a predictable price and constant peace of mind.