IT Managed Service

Unused lines, expensive internet that is too slow for your business, costly coax cables that don’t carry the services you need: all these things are hallmarks of a communication bill that hasn’t been reviewed. Taking a closer look at your bills often reveals areas where huge savings could be realized by streamlining, reducing, or UPGRADING.

By taking a close look at one client’s phone bill, HTA was able to reduce it 80% by recommending they switch from Spectrum POTS phone lines to VOIP and move their fax to a cloud service.

One small clinic saved $300 a MONTH on their communications bill by canceling old services that weren’t being used.

If you’re used to your bill, you might not realize if there are old, unused lines still being charged!

The biggest savings can often come from upgrading from lumbering, costly technology that was once top grade, but is now simply inefficient. If your practice can access fiber internet, it’s worth investigating how much money you could save down the line by upgrading now!

This type of cost savings shouldn’t be put off. Call HTA today to schedule a consult on your communications bill. (314)312-4701