What Have HIPAA Right Of Access Fines Cost Medical Providers?

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has settled 14 cases as of January 2021 under its Right of Access Initiative. This initiative focused on ensuring patients have timely access to their medical records, and that they are charged a non-exorbitant and cost-based fee.HIPAA cyber security

In many of these cases, patients waited months or even years before receiving their medical records. Each complaint also triggered an investigation that often revealed systemic problems within the providers in question, including failure to conduct risk assessments.

The size of the settlements paid by these entities was based on both the severity of the non-compliance and the size of the practice.

1st: $85,000 Bayfront Health St. Petersburg.

2nd: $85,000 Korunda Medical, LLC. Comprehensive primary care and pain management.

3rd: $38,000 Housing Works Inc. Healthcare, homeless services, and advocacy.

4th: $15,000 All-Inclusive Medical Services, INC. Multi-specialty family medicine.

5th: $70,000 Beth Israel Lahey Health Behavioral Services. Mental health and substance use disorder services.

6th: $3,500 King MD. Small health care provider of psychiatric services.

7th: $10,000 Wise Psychiatry. Small psychiatric health care provider.

8th: $160,000 St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

9th: $100,000 NY Spine Medicine. Private medical practice specializing in neurology and pain management.

10th: $25,000 Riverside Psychiatric Medical Group.

11th: $15,000 Dr. Rajendra Bhayani. Private practitioner specializing in otolaryngology.

12th: $65,000 University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

13th: $36,000 Elite Primary Care. Private primary care practice with one provider.

14th: $200,000 Banner Health. Large health care system.