Co-Managed IT (COMIT) is a new way of delivering IT support to growing businesses. It works by crafting a customized set of ongoing IT services, support, and tools that seamlessly blend with your existing IT department. This allows your IT team to be more efficient and flexible while saving you money on the cost of these enterprise-level tools. The average amount saved by incorporating COMITs rather than expanding an IT team is between 19% and 41%.

When a healthcare practice gets to the point of needing to hire more IT staff, there are several things that are true. The practice is growing in complexity, adding more services and staff. There are a lot of IT problems that crop up on a regular basis, and your IT team spends most of their time addressing these in-the-moment concerns to make sure your staff can do their job. Larger IT projects such as hardware upgrades are often postponed because there just isn’t enough time to address them.

The solution may be to hire another tech to help with the workload. But the problem often isn’t the amount of work, it’s the way the work is done. With enterprise-level automation tools, your existing team could handle the workload easily – but those tools are often prohibitively expensive for a small or medium-sized business. That’s where COMITs shines. We can offer these tools, as well as a bank of knowledge and support, to your practice. By streamlining and managing much of the smaller tasks that keep your team tied up, we enable your team to focus more on the support delivery and larger IT goals of your practice. And it’s at a fraction of the cost of a new employee!

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