These are the top 3 ways MyGlue can save you time and money.

MyGlue is an easy-to-use password manager and documentation solution. But what does that mean for your healthcare practice?

Here’s the top 3 ways MyGlue can help YOUR practice on a daily basis.

1. It Can Remember Passwords For You

When your nurses need to log in to a computer and find that their password doesn’t work, how long does it take them to solve the problem? They have to call support or put in a ticket, wait for a response, then go through the hoops of setting a new password. Even if your IT team is able to assist them immediately, this process will take several minutes.

With MyGlue, this problem doesn’t exist.

Your nurse can open the MyGlue app on their phone and find the password they need for any computer, network, or software. With the MyGlue app they can use their fingerprint to log on, or even face recognition, meaning that they can always access their passwords without having to remember a single one.

2. It Stores The Important Documents

While printing documents, you notice the printer’s toner is low. In order to get more, you need to know exactly which model of printer it is, but finding this on the printer physically is difficult. You could try to look in your network for the name of the printer, but you’re not sure you’ll find the right one, as there are several printers in your practice. You’re looking at a frustrating hour of googling and searching for the correct type of printer ink…

With MyGlue, the answer is at your fingertips.

MyGlue stores all your documentation in a searchable format. Simply type in ‘front desk printer’ and find the document that spells out exactly what model of printer it is and the type of toner you need to buy for it!

3. Procedures Are A Snap

Now that the new toner has come in, your nurse goes to replace it. She’s done it before, but it was months ago and she can’t for the life of her remember the steps for opening this printer and removing the old toner. She’s worried about accidentally breaking the printer or the new toner cartridge, and this anxiety is causing a simple task to not only take too long, but to drain her of energy.

With MyGlue, it’s a simple step-by-step.

No one can remember everything. MyGlue stores your Standard Operating Procedures so that your nurse can search for ‘replacing front desk printer toner’ and follow the procedure with confidence. It takes the stress of remember or finding these procedures off your workforce so they can use their mental and emotional energy on serving your patients.