What is the best way for an office to access HIPAA Compliant email services?

Most doctors, practice managers, and business owners want to have easy, compliant solutions for their basic business needs. This includes email, file storage, and file sharing. One of the best ways to access these services is to look at what your whole business needs.

HIPAA shouldn’t be an extra service.

For healthcare practitioners, HIPAA compliance needs to be baked into everything they do. It’s no good to have a ‘normal’ email and then a HIPAA compliant email. It becomes too complicated to keep them separate, and too easy to use the more convenient one all the time.

The most convenient option also needs to be the compliant one.

Office 365 offers everything your business needs AND is HIPAA compliant.

Microsoft’s All-In-One bundle of services offers so much, it’s hard to make sense of everything. Your practice might not need every service offered in Office 365, but every business can make use of the core software. Having access to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is a basic feature of most offices, and there will come a time when your Nurse, Practice Manager, or Accounts Executive needs to utilize these programs.

If you’re already paying for these core office programs, using Outlook as your HIPAA compliant email solution just makes sense.

Office 365 features end-to-end email encryption.

Microsoft was the first major email provider to offer full, secure, HIPAA compliant email. Office 365 meets all HIPAA email requirements, and Microsoft signs a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with your business so your email is classified as Protected Health Information (PHI).

In the current environment of working remotely, it is important that your employees have access to proper communication channels. Even in this age of connectivity, it is advantageous to have software that can be installed locally and accessed offline, as your employees may need to complete work while away from secure wifi. Strictly cloud-based solutions like G Suite struggle in any environment where internet connectivity cannot be guaranteed.

When looking for HIPAA compliant software solutions, Office 365 offers the core functionality and security your healthcare practice needs. That’s why HTA is confident in offering Office 365 to our clients and can set it up from start to finish in your office today.