St. Louis healthcare professionals are actively working to reduce their risk.

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Phishing attacks and ransomware continue to be a method of choice for bad actors, often tricking well-intentioned employees into giving up data. There is no 100% effective method to prevent cyber-attacks because humans are always fallible. What are St. Louis healthcare professionals doing to lower their risk?

#1 – Updated, Business-Class Firewalls

This is the first line of defense, preventing hacking attacks that may target unprotected networks or take advantage of vulnerabilities not yet patched in the system. This is standard for any business, so speak to your IT professionals to make sure yours is addressing all your needs.

#2 – Daily, Remote System Backups

Backups are the best way to restore your system after an attack or ransom event. Having working backups means that even if your network is attacked by ransomware, you can restore your system and lose only a day or a few hours of work. The alternative is usually to lose everything and start from scratch.

#3 – Cyber Liability Insurance

If a breach does happen, having cyber liability insurance can protect your business from litigation, help pay damages or fees, and even assist in paying a ransom to restore your data. No one wants to use their insurance, but in the current risk environment, it would be irresponsible to not have these protections for your business.

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