How much would it cost you if your internet unexpectedly cut out one day? Would you have to turn away your patients? Send your workers home? Halt bill processing and revenue collecting?

As EMRs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones make our medical offices more efficient, they also become more dependent on a service that is often unreliable – copper co-ax internet.

According to a 2019 Ponemon Institute study, it costs a healthcare facility an average of $740,357 per downtime incident. Internet outage can contribute to IT downtime, and gravely affects your practice’s ability to serve patients, send results to other offices or labs, or process appointments and billing.

One of the best ways to prevent internet outages in your practice is to switch to fiber optic internet. While copper co-ax internet only comes with a promise of “best effort” by your ISP to repair damage and restore connections, fiber comes with a 99.99% guarantee. Not only will your rarely experience prolonged downtime, your office will also benefit from faster upload and download speeds, which will increase efficiency and probably please your staff!

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