Indigo-Clean lights disinfect through indigo-spectrum light waves as opposed to UV light.

Hospitals, surgery centers, emergency departments, and healthcare providers as a whole have always been concerned with the spread of harmful bacteria. Hospital acquired infections represent a huge cost to healthcare facilities as well as a health risk to their patients. It is well-known that hospitals are dangerous places for the spread of infections, but methods to combat it are often ineffective or present monumental costs in labor and equipment.

While things like hand-washing are effective, they are difficult to enforce across a large facility. Consumable disinfectants require a labor force to apply, and are short-lived. Cleaning with UV light requires special training and equipment because the light is harmful to humans.

Troy Exler of Electrical & Data Service Company recently introduced us to a new technology that is proven to achieve a continual 70%+ reduction in harmful bacteria called Indigo-Clean. Indigo-Clean is a patented, dual-mode environmental disinfection technology that uses visible light to kill harmful bacteria safely, automatically, and continuously, 24/7, in the air, and on hard and soft surfaces. It also prevents bacteria from repopulating the space, consequently bolstering current infection prevention efforts.

The Indigo-Clean Luminaries automatically switch between a White Disinfection Mode, which provides comfortable visual acuity while continually disinfection during procedures and cleaning, and an Indigo Disinfection Mode for when the room is not in use, that provides optimal continuous visible light disinfection.

“We believed that Indigo-Clean would give us a substantial improvement in our disinfection given the prior research with environmental reduction in bacteria, but we were thrilled when we experienced a 73% reduction in SSIs.” – Lynnelle Murrell, Director of Infection Prevention Maury Regional Medical Center, Columbia, TN

Troy Exler believes this product is a great fit for waiting rooms that are not cleaned as often as exam rooms, especially in the era of Covid, as the Indigo-Clean technology can actively and continuously disinfect bacteria in the air itself. His company is can supply a variety of fixtures, and while prices vary, install time is estimated at 30 minutes per fixture for a direct replacement. This technology could begin making your practice’s exam, waiting, and operation rooms cleaner and safer within hours!