In many medical offices, people are expected to wear several hats. Doctors are owners, nurses are human resources, and practice managers are IT directors. And they do it well. But have you ever found yourself wishing you had more time to focus on the strategies and decisions that can help your practice grow, rather than constantly putting out fires? Do you worry that your expertise isn’t deep enough or wide enough to properly service your practice as it grows? Is your IT team overburdened with regulations and constant small crisis, rather than focused on long-term growth?

“It was getting to be very difficult to manage the office as well as mange the IT.”

Rather than hiring an IT director or more technicians for your team, which would burden your practice with not only the cost of a salary and benefits but also the stress of finding and hiring new talent, and then teaching them your entire business, consider this: You could have an entire team, ready-made and fully staffed, at your disposal at a fraction of the cost. You wouldn’t have to source the talent, manage the workers, file the paperwork, or worry about hiring and firing them. That can all be done for you, while you focus on your in-house team and give them the resources, time, and flexibility they need to grow.

“The constant changes in HIPAA and other regulations as well as the complexity of networking needed for an EMR was overwhelming . . .”

How can you do this? By entering into a Co-Managed IT (COMIT) arrangement. COMITs does not replace your in-house IT department, whether they are just 1 person or a whole team. COMITs simply takes the mundane, repetitive, and automatable tasks off your team’s plate. Things like patch and log management, testing backups, and handling low-level service tickets take up most of your tech’s time, but they don’t offer the highest return. Your people are your greatest asset – if the practice manager is spending half a day resetting passwords, are they really focused on growing the business? If your IT team is constantly running around fixing small issues, are they earning their keep by increasing efficiency, security, and ease of use?

Effectively utilizing your team’s talents is the greatest asset of COMITs. Our clients at HTA were motivated by cyber security, costs, regulations, and above all TIME. By employing an co-managing, partially outsourced model of IT services, you can save yo

ur valuable employees time, and they can use their time and skills to better serve your practice, all at  a much lower cost than expanding your current IT team.

“I was surprised by how easy the transition was and how reliable and quick the response time is for issues. Sometimes HTA can get things done quicker remotely than I can get done on site.”

COMITs is flexible enough to adapt to what your practice needs. It can fell in the gaps of your team or bolster their support. Call HTA today to explore our co-managed options; no matter the size of your team and practice, HTA can offer vital support that will help your current team work faster, be happier, and produce greater results.