Have you been implementing new processes in your practice to utilize remote work and telehealth?

Are you worried that your employees might not have all the training they need to keep your network secure?

Are there just too many irons in the fire right now it add extra training to the list?

We can never be 100% secure. Introducing new software such as Zoom or GoToMeeting can cause confusion and missteps. It is unavoidable that someone may slip up.

But you can be 100% -or close to it- prepared for a cyber attack that locks or corrupts your data.

How? Backups.

If you can’t answer “Yes” to these three questions, you may suffer financial losses in the event of a security breach and ransomware event.

  • Is your data backed up to a remote location, and have you tested the recovery capabilities?
  • Do you have your disaster recovery plan documented in a way that is easy for all staff members to follow, with minimal disruption to daily activity?
  • Do you have automated training and education delivered to your employees through email, such as phishing simulations or weekly security reminders?

Having these solutions in place is a vital component of being HIPAA compliant, and important for maintaining basic business functions in the face of a security breach, ransom event, or data loss.

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