Derrick Weisbrod
CEO, Healthcare Technology Advisors
President, Greater St. Louis MGMA

As we are entering or preparing to enter the phase 1 opening, I am certain there are a lot of mixed feelings among our employees and management teams alike. Schools are still enacting remote learning and making it difficult to manage staffing as our team members weigh schooling priorities with working priorities. Our clients are asking for services in a more diverse way than they were just two months ago.

But we are, in fact, getting back to a more active state of business affairs. Our business is getting back to having a generally full office—or as full as our office gets with us already having a partial remote-work culture in place. I know my feelings are mixed when weighing all the different inputs on the pandemic subject.

What I am left feeling most is the importance of empathetic flexibility for our clients, patients, team members, families and pretty much everything about our co-existence with each other.

Empathetic flexibility to put ourselves in the shoes of our peers, to respect their views and help each other be safe and thrive while we continue to pivot within our business to make things work.

Empathetic flexibility to understand the fears and needs of our patients and clients so we can ensure we are providing services to help them without inducing unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Empathetic flexibility to understand that schooling for our children requires change in our lives to ensure they understand homework assignments, coach them through not having the joy of celebrating that last day of school while looking forward to summer break with their friends, and the possibility they may not be able to return to school in fall with their friends.

Empathetic flexibility to be a good partner in our private lives, to realize, appreciate, and support our partner through the stress of change they are enduring in their professional and personal lives.

We are experiencing something truly unique for all of us. The change that is happening at an amazing clip is not always easy for us to process. As we have pivoted our businesses and realigned the plans we set at the beginning of the year with the new realities we are expected to contend with, we need to step back and reflect on how much stress and anxiety this has created for those in our personal and professional lives even while leading them through this.

As leaders, we need to make sure we are open to being flexible with the dynamic pace of change while digging deeper than we normally may to ensure we are being empathetic with all the emotional stress that is surrounding us as we lead our way through this phase 1 re-opening process.

I hope you stay safe and your business pivots lead to successful outcomes for the coming month while the pandemic numbers continue to flatten.