In 2005, the Advanced Endoscopy Center (AEC) opened in Creve Coeur, Missouri. AEC is an outpatient, State Licensed, Medicare Certified, AAAHC Accredited Endoscopy Center that is dedicated to providing a positive experience. As their page of nearly 40 glowing testimonials demonstrates, the physicians and staff of AEC put patient comfort first during a procedure that is often approached with apprehension.

AEC is staffed by a team of experienced physicians who strive to create a comfortable experience for their patients. Through continuing education, hardware upgrades, staff training and meticulous attention to detail, AEC continues to improve their care.

2020 will mark the third year that Healthcare Technology Advisors has provided IT services to both AEC and its sister office, Specialists in Gastroenterology. It has been nothing but a pleasure to work with the wonderful staff of this facility. Their commitment to best-in-class service for their patients matches ours, and we are proud to work with them and continue pursuing that goal.