When was the last time you reviewed your communication bill?

Did you know there could be HUNDREDS of dollars being misspent on unneeded lines, or wholly unused applications that were never canceled?

If your business has gone through several phone or internet providers, it’s a good idea to have your IT team, or a 3rd party, look over the bill. HTA had one client save over $300 a month by fully disconnecting old services. Their old ATT DSL service was never fully disconnected under a previous IT vendor, and they were still paying $89.99 a month for a service they hadn’t used in years! Further, after upgrading to Fiber internet, their Spectrum Cable Internet package hadn’t disconnected, costing them $142.99 a month.

After reviewing the bill and disconnecting old services, we also were able to recommend reducing the VOIP line count, as their staff number had gone done. By getting rid of 3 lines, they saved and addition $75.97 a month. The great thing about cloud hosted VOIP is you can add or remove services as needed, so you’re never paying for more than you need to use.

What could your practice do with an additional $300 a month?

Sometimes, it’s not just old services that can save you money – it’s new ones too! A second client of ours was using Spectrum POTS lines, each costing about $40 a month, for a total spend of $199.95. We recommended they reduce the line count by 1 and switch to a cloud hosted VOIP – which cost only $24.95 a month. After migrating their fax service to the cloud, they had a monthly communication bill of $119.79.

This represented a savings of $80.16 a month – a 40% reduction in this particular expense! They did have to invest in new hardware, which cost them $520. However, they will begin getting a return on that investment in just 7 months.

It is easy to ignore or forget about those monthly bills without taking a proper, line-item look at them. Your communications bill often has several services bundled together, so it is even easier to pay the whole amount and not notice what it was for. However, as the two examples above show, taking a close look at that bill can result in huge savings, and switching to better, more powerful services can not only give you a better product to use but save you money as well! There is nothing better than getting more for less.