Is Your Practice READY To Restore Operations From Your Current Back ups?

Flood, tornado, lightning, storms!

Back Up And Recovery Plans Are Like A Lifeboat To Your Business

Spring floods, tornadoes, lightning – the Midwest knows the drill. With our rolling thunderstorms and wondrous rivers spring and fall always bring new challenges. We know it’s coming. Is your practice prepared?

If you can’t answer “Yes” to these three questions, you may suffer financial losses in the event of a natural disaster.

  • Is your data backed up to a remote location, and have you tested the recovery capabilities?
  • Do you have your disaster recovery plan documented in a way that is easy for all staff members to follow, with minimal disruption to daily activity?
  • Can your revenue cycle activities, such as billing insurance and patients, carry on if your office is closed?

Having these solutions in place is a vital component of being HIPAA compliant, and important for maintaining basic business functions in the face of everyday disruptions, such as power outages, workplace accidents, or travel restrictions.

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