Hackers are targeting COVID19, are your employees ready?

As employees work from home and we experience greater disruptions, be extra vigilant for phishing scams. Hackers KNOW that the workforce is confused and constantly adapting to new procedures. They WILL take advantage and attempt to mislead and trick your employees into revealing sensitive information or credentials.

This could come in the form of “mimic” emails, enticing workers to click through to a website that will steal their credentials.

Or, it could come in the form of a spoofed email that LOOKS like it is from the CEO, management, or a 3rd party vendor.


Perhaps an important meeting was canceled and the boss needs help accessing the video conference platform? Or an in-person delivery was changed and you now need to wire a payment directly? These are plausible occurrences, and employees need to know exactly what procedures to follow to make sure they do the right thing and don’t fall for a criminal’s tricks.

Be VIGILANT and review your SOPs!