Do you know if your referral partners are putting YOUR patient's data at risk?


Will your BAA protect yourself AND your patients?

Every medical practice knows the risks of not having a BAA in place with vendors. Not only is it bad for your patients, should a vendor prove disreputable OR simply fall victim to a cyber attack, it is bad for your practice’s bottom line if a fine is levied against you as a result of a breach. This was seen in the Advance Care Hospitalists settlement of $500,000 when it was discovered that not only did they have no BAA in place with their billing service provider, but that the billing service was providing its service fraudulently to the hospital.

A BAA represents due diligence on the part of the medical practice – you’ve made every effort to ensure that your patient’s data is safeguarded when it leaves your walls. Yet risks from third parties continues to be a problem.

Have you ever considered the risk of referring your patients to other doctors who may not be HIPAA compliant, even willfully so? Even if their medical judgement and care is sound, they may not have put any effort into maintaining a compliant network infrastructure, policies, or procedures. If you refer your patients to an office you know to be a liability, their trust in you will be damaged if their protected health information ends up stolen, lost, or misused.