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How confident are you in your computer network? When was the last time a computer crash left you scrambling to not only fix the problem, but make ends meet in the budget once the repair bill came out? How many hours of productivity were lost? How many patients did you have to reschedule because you couldn’t process them?

It’s common now that hospitals and physicians affected by ransomware are forced to turn away patients during the time their systems are unusable. Combined with the cost of employee downtime, repairing a network, and possibly paying a ransom to recover data, having a sub-par computer network in your medical office can be astronomically expensive.

How do you know if your critical computer systems are up for the task?

Read this report to discover:

  1. The most expensive mistake small medical practices make when protecting patient data.
  2. A universal misconception most practice managers have about computer networks, and how it ends up costing them.
  3. 6 Critical security measures every practice should have in place.
  4. How to reduce or eliminate frustrating crashes, slow performance, and other annoying computer problems.
  5. How to avoid expensive unexpected computer repair bills and get top-grade service for a fixed monthly rate.

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