Regional Dermatology

Healthcare Technology Advisors would like to take the time to acknowledge our star client this month, Regional Dermatology. We’ve been supporting them for four years now, and it’s been a pleasure.

Regional Dermatology is a private practice that has been in Festus, MO for the last 9 years. They offer a broad range of services from pediatric through senior skin care, cosmetics and surgeries.

Dr. Sarah Jensen

Dr. Sarah Jensen and Nurse Practitioner Andrea Bova credits their initial opening to local community leaders, who worked hard with the hospital board to attract more specialists to Jefferson County.

Dr. Jensen feels that the greatest impact her office has comes from the two main areas of her practice: diagnosis and treatment of melanoma, which can be fatal if left untreated, and early treatment of teenage cystic acne. They are vastly different conditions, but both affect many people in profound ways. “When we intervene early in these conditions, it reminds me of the impact dermatology can have on a patient’s life.”