Healthcare Technology Advisors is pleased to invite our readership to the Lydia’s House Gala on February 29th, 2020. This annual event, titled A Night for Hope and Healing, is a chance for our community to come together and celebrate 25 years of hard work and progress with this St. Louis Charity.

Lydia’s House is the only transitional housing shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children in eastern Missouri. They serve a distinct and vital need; giving women and children a safe place to stay after leaving an emergency shelter, where they can build the financial and emotional wells needed to move on to an independent living situation. An abused woman can only stay in an emergency shelter for 90 days – hardly enough time to find a new apartment, let alone a new job, and enough funds to afford moving. The gap is often untenable, which leads to a large percentage of abused women returning to the homes of their abusers. With Lydia’s House, those women and their children can find the long-term safety and support they need to achieve independence.

To date 85% of the women who enter the program achieve their goals of financial and housing independence. That is because Lydia’s House recognizes the need to not only provide shelter, but also advocacy, education, community, and support in the form of childcare, job training, spiritual groups, and more.

Sometimes, the enormity of the need can be overwhelming. There are so many women and children in need who have suffered from domestic violence. Lydia’s House can only support a small fraction of those families at a time. But it is important to remember that that is how lives are changed: one at a time, one day at a time, doing the slow and painful work of healing and rebuilding. In just 25 years, Lydia’s House has grown from supporting two families to being able to support 36. With the help of our Greater St. Louis community, they can not only continue this vital work but expand.

Please join us at the Gala this year. You can purchase your tickets soon at