Technology ReviewA standard part of any management plan is to review, evaluate, and plan the future. This happens with employees, financial budgets, vendors, and ought to be happening with your technology. When was the last time you had a strategy meeting with your Chief Information Officer or IT Director?

For a healthcare practice, HTA recommends quarterly technology reviews. These meetings should be structured, with a focus on either bringing the practice into alignment with the current technology plan or on crafting that plan for the future. For instance, if a practice’s technology is years behind, it can be a disruptive and expensive undertaking to upgrade, modernize, and bring it into compliance. Such a large-scale project should be tackled in small parts, and quarterly technology reviews can guide and shape that work so it is completed in the fastest and least disruptive way possible.

Once an environment is adhering to best practices, it becomes a question of strategy. Instead of blindly maintaining the status quo, technology reviews can be used to discuss different ways of heightening efficiency, creating new workflows and connections, or creatively solving tricky problems. They should also be used to plan future technology upgrades and projects, so the practice is never hit with a surprise in the billing department.

A quarterly technology review with your IT Director or CIO is a vital part of maintaining a smooth working environment for your healthcare practice. If you would like advice on how to enact this in your practice, schedule a free consultation with Healthcare Technology Advisors today.