Regular employee training is an important part of all medical practices.

Do you know what the number 1 risk to all medical practices’ cyber security is? The one no anti-virus, firewall, or security update can protect you from?

The answer is YOU. And your employees!

Of course, there’s no way to run a medical practice without people (yet), so what can we do to minimize this risk?

The best solution is to give your employees the proper training to help them protect themselves and your business from technology breaches. Regular training sessions that go over current risks and trends as well as best practices will help keep your staff aware of why procedures are in place and what they’re safeguarding against. Phishing attacks are becoming truly sophisticated, and the only way to protect against them is to have a workforce that is trained to think critically about what is presented to them and make active decisions about how to react. Spam filters WILL NOT catch all phishing attacks. When these malicious emails end up in your staff’s email account, make sure they are prepared to deal with them.

Healthcare Technology Advisors believes that ongoing education is the key to success in cyber security. Not only because the field of cyber security evolves quickly, but also because simple repetition is a good way to ingrain habits. It may feel redundant, but going over the nuances of how to handle a suspicious email once will quickly fade and be forgotten, while going over it every week will get the rules firmly entrenched in your mind. Any steady cadence of training is going to serve you well. Perhaps you sign up for a weekly cyber security email, or have a monthly staff meeting with a dedicated time slot for security training. Having quarterly education sessions can give your staff an in-depth refresher on best practices, procedures, and regulations.

If you need help finding training resources, call or contact HTA today, and we can advise on what would best work for you and your practice.