Predictable, Process Driven, and Focused Technology Advisors
Our Team Traditional IT Experience
Focused on HIPAA covered entities and their business associates

Minimal healthcare specific knowledge

Experienced with supporting a variety of HIPAA compliance audits for healthcare businesses and covered entities Not experienced in supporting customers with HIPAA compliance audits
We have Privacy and Security Policies per HIPAA and the HIPAA Omnibus Rules Does not have HIPAA policies, therefore puts your business at risk
Certified HIPAA Professionals No specific industry credentials
Proactively fix issues and notify you when systems go down with a plan of action Wait for you to report issues and that your systems are down
Efficient knowledge base so onboarding new technicians is not painful to customers New technicians cost customers more time by reinventing the knowledge wheel due to lack of efficient knowledge base


If you need trusted advisor to support your technology and compliance needs, we would like to serve your business needs. Contact us today.

Healthcare Technology Advisors

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